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Happy October

Congratulations to Byrd School! Yesterday I received a phone call from Meadowlink, an organization that is a partner of the Safe Routes to School Program, informing me that Byrd School is going to receive the Safe Routes to School Recognition Award for our commitment and support of the program. Last year, members of Meadowlink attended our Walk/Bike to School event and saw the commitment of our community to encourage children to walk/bike to school. This award recognizes the dedication of the school administrator, teachers, students and Home and School Association in making the SRTS program so successful.
Beginning the week of October 5th Byrd School will be participating in the statewide Week of Respect. Teachers in each classroom as well as the Art, Music, PE and Learning Center teachers and guidance counselor, will promote activities that remind our students about the importance of respecting oneself and others. For each day this week students have been invited to wear a specific color indicating their support for this initiative. The following information will help you help your child support our efforts:
Monday- “Show Respect” on Blue Shirt Day® World Day of Bullying Prevention© An initiative of STOMP Out Bullying™- wear a blue shirt.
Tuesday- “Be Optimistic and Look on the Bright Side”-wear bright colors.
Wednesday-”Show Good Citizenship and Team Up Against Bullying”-wear sports clothing.
Thursday-”Be Kind and Follow the Golden Rule”-wear yellow or gold clothing.
Friday-”Show Your Positive Self-Esteem and be Proud of Yourself and Your School”-wear school colors or your favorite shirt.

Additionally, the third week of this month schools in New Jersey will participate in the effort to promote safety during the designated Violence and Vandalism week. Activities will foster awareness of the consequences of violence and vandalism not only our schools but in our community.

It’s hard to believe that October 20th is mid-marking period for the first trimester of this school year. Teachers will contact you if they have concerns and you are encouraged as well to contact the teacher if there is anything you would like to discuss.

As you know, October 31st is Halloween so Byrd will have its annual parade on Friday October 30th. Children may wear costumes their costumes AFTER lunch. Costumes should NOT include a mask or item(s) that may be construed as a weapon. If parents would like to dress up I am requesting that you, too, refrain from wearing a mask so we know who you are as we parade around the building. Class parties will be held at 2:45 and they are NON-FOOD parties.

Annually we hold a candy collection on the days following Halloween for any candies that your child receives that he/she doesn’t want. Feel free to send in your unwanted candy in a plastic or paper bag and the proceeds will be donated to a local organization.
Have a wonderful month!!!

Dr. Weber

School Security Drills
NJ State Law requires schools to conduct school security drills of some variety once per month.  This is in addition to the fire drills, we have been practicing each month for a number of years now. A school security drill is defined as an exercise to practice procedures that respond to an emergency situation including, but not limited to, a non-fire evacuation, lockdown, or shelter situation. We will holding school security drills monthly throughout the school year.  If you observe these drills taking place, please do not be alarmed.  In the event of an actual emergency, we will notify you through our Honeywell, reverse 911 system.
Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.
Managing Behavior
Click here for an excellent article on "Strategies for Managing Your Child's Resistant Behavior" by John W. Maag.
 +Parent Handbook & Code of Conduct
Please take the time to read both documents.
 2014 NJ ASK Scores
Aggregated scores for Grades 3-5
 Bullying Information
Power Point presentations on Bullying
 Empowerment Tools
This folder contains strategies that you can help your child adopt when dealing with others who aren't nice to them.
 Executive Functioning
Excellent article sent by the Community School in Paramus
 HIB Reporting Forms
Use these forms to report an alleged incident of harassment, intimidation or bullying
 New Jersey Common Core Standards
Article for parents on the NJ CCS
Information about the PARCC
 Talking to your Child About Bullying
A brief article from Allan L. Beane, Ph.D. that might be of interest to you.
 Teaching online safety
For parents and teachers
 Olweus Bully doc0001.pdf
Similarities and Differences between Rough-and-Tumble Play, Real Fighting, and Bullying
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